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What is SENSAI? Who are we? 



I was working in a Japanese restaurant and Cafe for 6 years. And naturally, I love and am passionate about cooking and seeking better cuisine.

One day, I and my wife went to a gastronomy restaurant such as Michelin star restaurants in France. We love gastronomy restaurants and love to keep going to gastronomy restaurants, Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Kyoto, Bangkok, Hongkong, etc… so that we can find what is the meaning of tasty, what makes me feel it's so delicious.

After I tried many places, I thought that French pâtissier is the highest level in the world. It’s too difficult to explain how great it is, however, that complicated taste combination and, like a beautiful perfect symphony, can't be found in Japan.


But one day, I thought that something is missing.

An excellent dessert like a perfect symphony is great, but is it possible to make a healthier one?

If it’s organic and plant-based, gluten-free, lactose-free, how does it work?

And something new ingredients and new technique, how does it work?

Finally excellent sweets like a perfect symphony with healthy ingredients, it’s a big challenge but it’s done.


Maybe you know, Japanese average length of life is 87.45 years old for females, 81.41 years old for males. They said that the secret may be food.

I believe that everyone thinks health is the most important for our life. So we created healthier sweets with French ideas and traditional Japanese ingredients.

French gastronomy is the best in the world, Japanese length of life is the longest of the world, so we combined them.

Best of taste + Best of healthy stuff = the best of healthy and tasty stuff, right?


Everyone should have a healthy life equally,

everyone should have an access to healthy food equally,

everyone should have an access to excellent food equally.

That is what we think and what we want to provide.


And one more important thing, we believe “Tasty stuff makes your life happier” and “ You are what you eat”.


Founder of SENSAI 

Founder of SENSAI

George Matsushita






I've been working as a food blogger, author, recipe developer and food photographer for over 10 years. I gradually specialized in gluten- and dairy-free recipes to help food lovers like me cook both healthy and delicious recipes that would not harm their bodies.


In 2018, I went to Japan and lived there for 6 months. I found it was quite easy to follow a gluten- and dairy-free diet there. My only frustration was that, although traditional sweets were gluten- and dairy-free, most pastries contained wheat flour and butter.

When I came back to France, I was craving Japanese foods, especially traditional ingredients such as matcha (my favorite!) and azuki beans. So I incorporated them into the gluten- and dairy-free recipes I cooked at home, and they have been a part of my diet on a regular basis since then.


Developing the recipes for Sensai has been an exciting, fulfilling experience, and I can't wait to work on our next sweets! Bringing you the best of Japanese ingredients in original recipes that promote health, happiness and longevity, while making sure everyone with food sensitivities can enjoy them, this is my deepest pleasure and reward!


Yukkuri douzo! (Please enjoy!)



Recipe Developer, Author

Geraldine Olivo