Organic Azuki Brownies - Brownie aux Azukis [Winter only]

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Featured ingredient

Azuki beans : Fibre, polyphenol, iron, saponin, vitamin B1, potassium. High in protein and fiber with a low glycemic index, they increase satiety.  


A trio of anko, chocolate, and salt.

Adzuki. Adzuki is irreplaceable within the realm of Japanese sweets. We paired organic adzuki with organic dark chocolate and Fleur de sel produced through traditional methods originating from the Bretagne province of France.

The perfect balance achieved here will leave you craving for more.

The delicate sweetness of azuki paste and powerful, rich dark chocolate are brought together in harmony with just the right amount of salt.

Much like a skilled jazz trio, their appeal never fades away.

Unlike a symphony, they’re rustic, but that’s why they’re so addictive.

Dark chocolate is the star, the piano, whereas adzuki is the subtle bass, and Fleur de sel is the drum which provides the tempo at just the right timing.

These 3 ingredients are like a skilled jazz trio, putting on an explosive performance right inside your mouth.



Weight: about 85g

Best temperature for eat: 5-10 sec in microwave, little warm is the best to eat!

Best before date: 7 day, or after unfreeze 7 days 

How to store: Store in refrigerator or you can freeze