Organic Kinako Caramel Slice - Sablés Kinako et Caramel [Winter only]

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Featured ingredient

Kinako powder: catechin, theanine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K. Contains 40 % of protein and fiber, helps maintain muscle mass and increase satiety.



The moment you know something is truly delicious is when you put it in your mouth and get lost amidst all the flavors unfolding.

Then you slowly begin to grasp all of the accents, but get lost again.

Anyway, all you can think of is the word “delicious.” This is the moment you recognize something truly delicious.

This sweet can be called a masterpiece. The moment you take a bite, you’ll be shocked, thinking “What is this combination of flavors?” “Is this really 100% plant based?” “What is this?”

The bottom layer is a kinako cookie. The second layer is 100% plant based salted caramel, and the top layer is dark chocolate. By pairing them in just the right amounts, the moment you take a bite you’re hit by a flavor you just can’t keep up with, completely exceeding your wildest imagination.

It’s not just kinako, not just salted caramel, not just dark chocolate. It will be sure to sweep you away into a moment of pure bliss.



Weight: about 70g

Best temperature for eat: Room temperature

Best before date: 7 day

How to store: Store in refrigerator