Organic Kurogoma Cookie - Cookie Sésame Noir et Flour de Sel

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Featured ingredient

Kurogoma(Black sesame) : sesamin, anthocyanin (one kind of polyphenol), vitamin E, calcium. Helps maintain a healthy skin and strong bones.


It’s not just a cookie.

The moment you bite into it, the aroma of black sesame fills your mouth.

It will surely provide you with a whole new experience, with its oven-baked fragrance and deep black sesame flavor.

You’re first met with a fragrant aroma, which is followed by the deep and rich flavor of black sesame.

Next comes a slight sweetness followed by just the right amount of salt from our Fleur de sel, produced by traditional methods hailing from the Bretagne province of France.

With a taste that changes like the beautiful seasons, they will keep you satisfied no matter how many you eat.

You can enjoy the subtle changes in the delicious flavor as you savor them. It will surely be an experience you won’t soon forget.

This is our black sesame symphony. It’s not just a cookie.



Weight: about 55g

Best temperature for eat: Room temperature

Best before date: 2 weeks

How to store: Store in room temperature