Organic Matcha Muffins - Muffins Matcha Framboises [Winter EU only]

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Featured ingredient

Matcha : catechin, theanine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K. Powerful antioxydant effect, helps for weight loss.

A matcha muffin that exceeds the imagination.

These muffins feature a brilliant green color. Within, organic raspberries, like little treasures. I, the creator, love matcha. That’s why these muffins contain extra matcha powder. Despite being gluten free, they are fluffy and chewy, as if they’d been made with flour. Or even moreso.

Even though they’re gulten-free, they have a deep and rich flavor which spreads over your taste buds. The slight bitterness of matcha, a sweetness, the acidity of raspberries, and the perfect hint of salt. They’re perfect, profoundly deep, and yet create a delicate symphony in your mouth.

If you have one at breakfast, you’re sure to have a wonderful day. Delicious food brings happiness.


Weight (approx.) : 110g

Best temperature for eat: Room temperature

Best before date: 3 days, or after unfreeze 3 days

How to store: Store in refrigerator, or you can freeze